‘Florida Elyana’

U.S. Patent PP21,317
Strawberry Plant

  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Yield: Approximately 715 g/plant from December to March in Dover, FL
  • Growth Habit: Compact
  • Harvest Period: Begins early December with moderate early yields

Description: ‘Florida Elyana’ strawberry has produced large, flavorful fruit from December through March in experimental plots and in a high-tunnel trial on a commercial farm in western portions of Central Florida.  This cultivar has also shown promise in high and low-tunnel trials on commercial farms in Spain, Morocco, and Egypt.  ‘Florida Elyana’ is smaller and also a lower-stature plant than ‘Strawberry Festival’ (U.S. Patent PP14,739).  The habit of ‘Florida Elyana’, along with fruit that are attached to long pedicels, makes the plant easy to harvest.  This cultivar is recommended for trial in areas of winter and spring production where strawberries are grown in tunnels or dry environments and is a tough plant moderately to highly resistant to a number of diseases.

License Availability: ‘Florida Elyana’ Strawberry variety: Florida Strawberry Patent Service Corporation, http://flastrawberry.com/

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