Seedless Snack™ ‘N40W-6-3’

seedlesssnackU.S. Patent Pending
Mandarin Cultivar

  • Fruit Size: Small to Medium
  • Target Market: Fresh Market
  • Brix Rating:
  • First Harvest: Around October

Description: ‘N40W-6-3’ produces small-to-medium, seedless fruit with a unique and robust, sweet flavor, and may compete favorably with ‘Fallglo’ in Florida’s fall fresh mandarin market.  Harvest may begin in October, but fruit reaches maximum flavor and quality around Thanksgiving.  Fruit is generally seedless although an occasional seed can be found.  Juice of ‘N40W-6-3’ also has outstanding flavor.  There are no data supporting long-term field performance or yield of ‘N40W-6-3’, nor its adaptation to different rootstocks, however it makes a small, compact tree when grown on Swingle citrumelo rootstock.  Although ‘N40W-6-3’ can be peeled, it should not be considered a zipper-skinned selection.  Fruit quality data is only available from ’N40W-6-3’ grown on Swingle citrumelo rootstock.  A portion of the first-year crop can exhibit a rougher rind and lower juice content, but this problem seems to diminish with subsequent crops.

License Availability:  FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the Seedless Snack™ ‘N40W6-3’ mandarin cultivar:

New Varieties Development & Management Corp.

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