U.S. Patent PP20,294
Peach Variety

  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Chill Requirement: 250 hours
  • Growth Habit: Semi-upright
  • First Harvest: Around April 26 near Gainesville, FL

Description: ‘Flordabest’ was released and patented in 2009 and has a FDP of 82 days from fruit set to harvest.  The fruit develop 90–100% blush, making them very attractive.  The fruit are large, and have melting, but uniformly firm yellow flesh, and semi-clingstone pits.  The fruit ripens about 7–10 days earlier than the standard peach cultivar ‘TropicBeauty’ in Gainesville, Florida.  It is recommended for trial in Gainesville and south to Interstate 4

License Availability:  FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of the ‘Flordabest’ peach cultivar:

Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery, Inc.

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