Star White™ ‘61101’

U.S. Patent No. PP9,694
Dieffenbachia Cultivar

Description:  Star White™ ‘61101’ exhibits predominately silvery green-grey leaves which are further accented by a white midrib, and a pattern of white to light green blotches which are less dense towards the edge of the leaf.  The leaf length of Star White™ ‘61101’ averages 36cm and a width of 16 cm when mature.  Growth tests revealed that plants produced up to 4 basal shoots per plant.  Star White™ ‘61101’ dieffenbachia’s unique coloration give the first impression of a synthetic, rather than a live plant.
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License Availability: FFSP is currently seeking non-exclusive licensees for the USA. If your company is interested in obtaining a license, please contact FFSP.

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