Toccoa Green™ ‘BA-305’

U.S. Patent PP18,415
Zoysiagrass Variety

Description: Toccoa Green™ ‘BA-305’ is a zoysiagrass variety that, when compared with standard varieties, has a darker green color, faster grow-in rates and fewer seedheads.  Its texture is similar to ‘Meyer’ (unpatented) zoysiagrass and narrower than Empire™ ‘SS500’ (U.S. Patent PP11,466).  It has a very upright growth habit which produces a highly uniform and attractive lawn.
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License Availability: Toccoa Green™ ‘BA-305’ is currently licensed to Witgang Far East Limited (

FFSP is seeking additional licensees for the propagation and sale of the Toccoa Green™ ‘BA-305’ zoysiagrass cultivar.  If you have interest in licensing this variety, please contact FFSP.

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