Green Genie™ ‘UFM10’

U.S. Patent PP20,930
Pothos Cultivar

Description: Green Genie™ ‘UF-M-10’ has a smaller overall leaf and plant size compared to ‘Marble Queen’ unpatented).  Mature leaves from Green Genie™ ‘UF-M-10’ reach an average of 7 to 9 cm long and 4.8 to 5.8 cm.  Green Genie™ ‘UF-M-10’ leaves are shiny with a uniform deep green coloration, with Undersides of the leaves are a lighter green.  Overall, Green Genie™ ‘UF-M-10’ has a sturdier and thicker appearance compared with ‘Marble Queen’.

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License Availability: FFSP is currently seeking non-exclusive licensees for the USA. If your company is interested in obtaining a license, please contact FFSP.

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