Osceola™ ‘XP-1’

White Clover Variety

  • Dormancy: Osceola™ ‘XP-1’  is intermediate between true ladino-type white clovers like ‘Regal’ and intermediate-type white clovers like ‘Louisiana S-1’.
  • Disease Resistance: Osceola™ ‘XP-1’ has better seed production in SE USA than ladino type white clovers and thus can have improved persistence through natural reseeding.
  • Yield:  Higher DM yields than intermediate-type white clovers like ‘LA S-1’ and greater persistence through the summer months.
  • Use: Has shown excellent production and persistence at multiple locations throughout the central USA as well as in the Coastal Plains.

Description: Osceola™ was developed by the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.  It has good seed production for a ladino-type and improved summer persistence.  Several tests have shown Osceola™ to be higher yielding and more persistent than ‘Louisiana S-1’.


License Availability:  FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of Osceola™ ‘XP-1’ white clover:

Barenbrug, USA