Coleus varieties developed at the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, an agricultural and natural resource research program of the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), are licensed by Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. If your company is interested in licensing Coleus cultivars, please contact Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.

Alligator Tears™ ‘UF08-43-23’  

Big Red Judy® ‘UF06-40-01’

Burgundy Lace™ ‘UF09-18-1’

Cherry Cordial™ ‘UF08-19-12’

Cocoa Mint™ ‘UF09-8-57’

Coleosaurus™ ‘UF10-45-12′

Cranberry Bog™ ‘UF11-73-8’

Electric Lime™ ‘UF04-33-5’

Frilly Milly™ ‘UF04-47-64’

Golden Dreams™ ‘UF11-23-31’

Keystone Kopper™ ‘UF09-8-87’

Lemon Twist® ‘UF06-21-30’

Limon Blush™ ‘UF06-21-35’

Mainstreet Abbey Road™ ‘UF12-46-2’

Mainstreet Broadway™ ‘UF12-85-28’

Mainstreet Fifth Avenue™ ‘UF12-86-9’

Mainstreet Gran Via™ ‘UF11-74-5’

Mainstreet Oxford Street™ ‘UF12-87-9’

Mainstreet River Walk™ ‘UF12-62-2’  

Mainstreet Sunset Boulevard™ ‘UF12-6-2’

Mainstreet Wall Street™ ‘UF12-35-9’

Marooned™ ‘UF10-08-01’

Marquee™ Box Office Bronze ‘UF09-8-37′

Marquee™ Red Carpet ‘UF08-19-10′

Neptune’s Net™ ‘UF10-81-01’

Pineapple Splash® ‘UF06-02-78’

Radical Wonder™ ‘UF06-13-65’

Rebel Rouser™ ‘UF07-10-10’

Redhead™ ‘UF07-10-10’

Royal Glissade® ‘UF03-8-10’

Ruby Dreams™ ‘UF11-23-7’

Snazzy™ ‘UF06-13-132’

Spit Fire™ ‘UF07-24-05’

Splish Splash® ‘UF04-69-01’

Spumoni™ ‘UF10-61-13’

Sultana™ ‘UF8-17-4’

Sunset Strip™ ‘UF06-12-19’  

The Whirlpool™ ‘UF11-77-18’

Trusty Rusty™ ‘UF06419’

Twist and Twirl® ‘UF03-6-1a’

Velvet Mocha® ‘UF06-4-18’

Wasabi™ ‘UF08-4-3’

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