‘Florida Fancy’

U.S. PVP No. 200800231
High Oleic, Virginia-type Peanut Variety

  • Seed Size: Virginia (~425 Seeds/lb. – SMK)
  • Yield Potential: Excellent, especially in sandy Florida soils
  • Growth Habit: Prostrate
  • Maturity: 135 Days in Florida
  • Description: ‘Florida Fancy’ is a medium maturing Virginia type peanut with high oleic oil characteristics.  It has shown good grade for a Virginia type peanut with competitive yield even with runner cultivars.  ‘Florida Fancy’ exhibits good TSWV resistance for a Virginia type peanut.


    License Availability:  FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the production and commercialization of the ‘Florida Fancy’ peanut cultivar:

    Birdsong Peanuts

    Golden Peanut Company, LLC