Scenic Bay™ ‘UF-808-4’

U.S. Patent PP22,825
Aglaonema Cultivar

Description: Plants of Scenic Bay™ ‘UF-808-4’ have a medium-sized and upright growth habit.  The leaves of this cultivar are dark green-colored with large grey and green-colored venal areas covering more than half of the leaf surface.  The petioles and stems of Scenic Bay™ ‘UF-808-4’ possess numerous white spots.

Plants of this cultivar are smaller than ‘Emerald Bay’ (U.S. Patent No. PP12,867), exhibiting leaves that are much smaller and narrower.  Scenic Bay™ ‘UF-808-4’ plants are freely basal branching, producing 8-10 basal branches per plant.
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License Availability:  FFSP is currently seeking non-exclusive licensees for the USA.  If your company is interested in obtaining a license, please contact FFSP.


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