‘Hinson Long Juvenile’

U.S. PVP No. 200400032
Soybean Cultivar

Description: ‘Hinson Long Juvenile’ matures late and is well-adapted for the Coastal Plain region.  It has performed well in conventional yield trials in both north Florida and South Georgia.  ‘Hinson Long Juvenile’ has outperformed conventional soybean varieties in forage yields for late planting dates in Florida and Georgia.  While the nematode resistance for the prevalent southern root-knot is good, the line’s resistance to frogeye leaf spot and the overall seed quality is excellent.  This line is uniform in both maturity and appearance.
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License Availability:  FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the ‘Hinson Long Juvenile’ soybean cultivar:

Barenbrug, USA

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