U.S. Patent PP20,314
Nectarine Variety

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  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Chill Requirement: 250 hours
  • Growth Habit: Semi-Spreading
  • First Harvest: Around May 5 near Gainesville, FL
  • Description: ‘UFRoyal’ is a yellow flesh, non-melting nectarine, with a FDP of 85 days.  ‘UFRoyal’ fruit are large, with 100% red skin, and a semi-clingstone pit.  Fruit are symmetrically oval and ripen approximately 1 week before ‘UFQueen’ (U.S. Patent PP11,587) in early May in Gainesville, FL.  ‘UFRoyal’ fruit have excellent firmness and flavor, with excellent shipping potential.
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    License Availability:  FFSP is currently seeking non-exclusive licensees for the USA.  If your company is interested in obtaining a license, please contact FFSP.

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