‘Horizon 201’

U.S. PVP No. 200900466
Oat Cultivar

Description: ‘Horizon 201’ is a winter oat variety that was co-developed by the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center (LSUAC) and the University of Florida and is released under the SUNGRAINS cooperative small grain breeding program among five Southeastern Universities.  ‘Horizon 201’ is a very good forage type oat due to its vigorous growth and high tillering capacity.  It is a tall, medium maturing, with excellent crown rust resistance.  This cultivar has performed very well in both grain and forage trials and is broadly adapted to the Southeastern U.S.


License Availability: FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the ‘Horizon 201’ Oat cultivar:

Plantation Seed Conditioners, Inc.