Florida Foundation Seed Producers’ farming and accounting operations are located in Marianna, FL.  This office is the site of FFSP’s seed production and processing facilities, where seed stocks of agronomic crop releases such as peanuts, small grains (oats, triticale, rye), and corn are increased so that ample stocks of Foundation Seed can be made available to FFSP-licensed companies.  FFSP’s seed processing facilities have the capability of drying, shelling, processing, and storing in excess of 4 million pounds of seed.  FFSP’s Marianna office lies on 530 acres of FFSP-owned farm land, making FFSP the only Foundation seed production facility in the Southeastern United States that produces seed on its own property.

In the case of many clonally propagated horticultural crops, FFSP contracts with third parties to increase vegetative propagative material that is then made available to FFSP-licensed companies for their use in propagating commercial stocks for sale to commercial producers and growers.

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Florida Foundation Seed Producers’ technology transfer office is located in Gainesville, FL.  FFSP’s Gainesville Office is primarily responsible for the commercial development of new plant cultivars which are created and developed by faculty plant breeders at the University of Florida.  This office is the hub for intellectual property (U.S. Plant Patents, USDA PVP Certificates, International Plant Breeder’s Rights Certificates, and Trademarks) and licensing activities, ITN Review, and other services.  The Gainesville office is located at 3760 NW 83rd St, Suite 2, Gainesville, FL 32606.

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