Sweet Sensation® ‘Florida127’

U.S. Patent PP25,574
Strawberry Plant

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  • Fruit Size: Medium
  • Yield: Approximately 1,020 g/plant from November to March in Balm, FL
  • Growth Habit: Upright with open architecture
  • Harvest Period:  begins mid-November with very high early yields
  • Description: ‘Florida127’ produces moderately firm and juicy fruit that are broad-conic in shape with a medium-green calyx.  Fruit of ‘Florida127’ is medium-red externally with moderate internal redness.  The achenes are slightly sunken, similar in depth to those of ‘Strawberry Festival’ (U.S. Patent PP14,739).  Average fruit weight of ‘Florida127’ is similar to that of ‘Florida Radiance’ (U.S. Patent PP20,363).  In sensory panels, fruit of ‘Florida127’ had higher sweetness ratings than both ‘Strawberry Festival’ and ‘Florida Radiance’, and it also received favorable ratings for strawberry flavor.  Fruit of ‘Florida127’ achieved higher overall liking ratings when compared to the two aforementioned industry standard cultivars.
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    License Availability: FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the ‘Florida127’ Strawberry cultivar:

    Florida Strawberry Patent Service

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