Avanti™ ‘FL06-203’

U.S. Patent PP26,312
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

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  • Fruit Size: Medium
  • Chill Requirement: 100 hours
  • Growth Habit: Upright
  • 50% Harvest: Around April 10 (Gainesville, FL)

Description: Avanti™ ‘FL06-203’ is a new variety which is noted for its very low chill requirement, very early fruit maturation (as early as late-January in south-central Florida), and adaptation to production regions in central and south-central Florida. Plants are particularly well suited to an evergreen system in the southernmost production regions in Florida, with yields far exceeding the current evergreen varietal alternatives. Plants produce firm, high quality fruit with a small, dry picking scar. Fruit of ‘FL06-203’ is only medium-sized and may become smaller as the season progresses.

  • Average Berry Weight (g): 2.3
  • Fruit Firmness (g/mm): 211
  • Soluble Solids (%): 13.3
  • Titratable acidity (%): 0.37
  • SS/TA Ratio (%): 50.0

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License Availability: For a list of current licensees in the USA, please click here.

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