Citrus Rootstocks

Description: UF/IFAS has recently approved the release of several new citrus rootstocks under its Citrus Fast Track Release Option.  These citrus rootstocks were selected and released on the basis of their positive reaction to Huanglongbing disease (HLB, or citrus greening disease) in multiple experimental field trials under severe HLB disease pressure.  Scion trees grafted onto these rootstocks showed a reduced frequency of infection and reduced disease symptoms once infected, when compared to other commercial diploid rootstocks.  Long-term performance of trees on these rootstock selections is unknown, and yield and fruit quality data is limited.  Furthermore, it is important to note that trees on these new rootstocks still require thorough psyllid control, and have performed best under experimental production systems that feature constant nutrition.

‘UFR-1’,‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-4’,‘UFR-5’,‘UFR-6’,‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’, and ‘UFR-17’
For more information on these cultivars, please click here.

For more information on citrus rootstock trials being conducted by researchers at UF/IFAS, please click here. To access the 4th Edition of the Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide, please click here.


Licensing Availability: FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of the following Citrus Rootstock cultivars in the United States. If your company is interested in obtaining a license, please contact FFSP.

Varieties Licensee Contact
‘UFR-6’ & ‘UFR-17’ 1DOG Ventures, LLC (229) 213-1031
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Agri Masters Citrus Nursery, LLC (321) 377-5062
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Agri-Starts, Inc. (407) 889-8055
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Agromillora Florida, Inc. (863) 978-8646
‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-15’ & ‘UFR-16’ Bailey Branch, Inc. (863) 990-7529
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Ben Hill Griffin, Inc. (863) 635-2251
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Blue Heron Nurseries, LLC (407) 404-0355
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery, LLC (352) 793-6861
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Citrific (863) 589-7456
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ CitriSun Nurseries, LLC (863) 990-1457
‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’ & ‘UFR-16’ Cutrale Citrus Juices USA, Inc. (863) 965-5000
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Dilley Citrus Nursery, Inc. Jim Dilley – (863) 368-1997

Linda Dilley – (863) 368-2187

‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Farkas Citrus Nursery II, LLC (813) 720-0834
‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, & ‘UFR-16’ Flood Clinch Lake Nursery (863) 528-1175
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Gose Growers, Inc. (863) 381-2465
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Himrod Citrus Nursery (863) 375-2246
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’, & ‘UFR-17’ Holmberg Farms, Inc. (813) 335-8800
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Lykes Bros., Inc. (863) 465-4127
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’ & ‘UFR-17’ Murphy Citrus Nursery, Inc. (850) 672-0893
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Orange Co., a division of Alico, Inc. (863) 494-4939
‘UFR-2’ & ‘UFR-4’ Petteway Growers Citrus Nursery (863) 781-0099
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Philmon Citrus Nursery, LLC (813) 783-4437
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Phytelligence, Inc. (206) 719-5317
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Phillip Rucks Citrus Nursery, Inc. (863) 635-1948
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Rasnake Citrus Budding & Growing, Inc. (863) 294-8160
‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-15’, & ‘UFR-16’ Sawmill Citrus Nursery, LLC (863) 698-2971
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Southern Citrus Nurseries (863) 439-3694
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Southern Gardens Citrus Nursery, LLC (352) 472-9185
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Southridge Citrus Nursery, Inc. (863) 465-5803
‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, & ‘UFR-16’ Sun Ag, LLC (772) 571-1147
‘UFR-1’, ‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Ward’s Nursery, Inc. (863) 453-6631
‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’, ‘UFR-5’, ‘UFR-6’, ‘UFR-15’, ‘UFR-16’ & ‘UFR-17’ Wright Citrus Nursery (863) 439-1232
‘UFR-2’, ‘UFR-3’, ‘UFR-4’ & ‘UFR-16’ W. W. Citrus Nursery (863) 559-7741