The Mayan™ Series

Ruellia Cultivars

  • Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’ (U.S. Plant Patent PP24,422)
  • Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’ (U.S. Plant Patent PP25,156)
  • Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’ (U.S. Patent PP26,063)
  • Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1’ (U.S. Plant Patent Pending)


  • Flower Color:
    • Purple:  Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’ and Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1’
    • White:  Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’
    • Pink:  Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’
  • Growth Habit:
    • Upright:  Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’, Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’, and Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’
    • Compact:  Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1’
  • Heat Tolerance: Excellent
  • Fertility: Sterile

Description: Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’, Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’, Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’, and Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1’ are new Ruellia simplex cultivars which are characterized by excellent performance in both full sun and partial shade environments, prolific flowering, large violet flowers (Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’ and Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1’), large white flowers (Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’), and medium pink flowers (Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’).  Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’, Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1′, and Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’ are fruitless, while Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’ sets very low number of fruits and seeds are not viable.  These Ruellia cultivars are expected to have excellent landscape performance and are non-invasive by seed dispersal.

The Mayan™ Series has been featured in a number of horticultural articles, which spotlight the cultivars’ sterility and appealing, upright growth habits. Please see the links below to read more:
Louisiana State University Greenhouse Grower – November 2014
University of Mississippi Highlights Article – August 2014
University of Florida The Plant Producer – Summer 2014
Association of Horticultural Professionals – December 2013

License Availability:  FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of various varieties of the Mayan™ Series:

Costa Farms, LLC

  • Purple:  Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’
  • White:  Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’
  • Pink:  Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’

Horticultural Marketing Associates, Inc.

  • Purple:  Mayan™ Purple ‘R10-102’ and Mayan™ Compact Purple ‘R12-2-1’
  • White:  Mayan™ White ‘R10-108’
  • Pink:  Mayan™ Pink ‘R10-105-Q54’
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