U.S. Patent PP23,359
Mandarin Cultivar

  • Fruit Size: Small to Medium
  • Target Market: Fresh Fruit
  • Brix Rating:  13 – 15
  • First Harvest: Early-to-Mid-December, through January

Description:  ‘950’ produces small-to-medium sized fruit which can be easily peeled and consumed (segment structure is sound and they can easily be separated without expressing their juice), are nearly completely without seeds (no more than 2 seeds have ever been found in randomly selected fruit), and they possess good color and excellent flavor.  The flesh is somewhat crisp, very sweet, but balanced with adequate acidity, for an enjoyable eating experience.  Fruit of ‘950’ have generally matured by early-to-mid December in most seasons, but could be harvested as late as mid-January.  In comparison with Clementine mandarins from California or Spain, which are marketed in the same season, ’950’ have better color and flavor; while retaining the convenience of easy peeling and seedlessness associated with Clementines.  Unlike Clementine, ‘950’ is well adapted to Florida’s humid subtropical climatic conditions.  ‘950’ trees display typical mandarin growth habits with moderate vigor.  Rigorous testing has shown ‘950’ foliage and fruit to be resistant to Alternaria.  Though ‘950’ flowers well in most years and is not prone to alternate bearing, fruit set can be problematic in some years.  Application of gibberellic acid sprays or light limb girdling at bloom time have shown beneficial effects in fruit set.

The fruit size, appearance, and the convenience in consumption, as well as the sweet flavor and aroma, make ‘950’ a potentially valuable and locally adapted new cultivar for Florida’s fresh citrus industry to better compete in the contemporary marketplace.

License Availability:  FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the ‘950’ mandarin cultivar:

New Varieties Development & Management Corp.

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