TUFRunner™ ‘297’

U.S. PVP No. 201500201
High Oleic, Runner-type Peanut Variety

  • Seed Size: Large – approx. 500-550 seed/pound
  • Yield: 5,000-6,000+/acre under irrigation across Florida
  • Market Type: Runner
  • Maturity: 140 Days in Florida

Description: TUFRunner™ ‘297’ is a high yielding, medium maturity, high oleic runner-type peanut with excellent grade, and good resistance to spotted wilt and white mold.  It exhibits high yield potential, similar seed size to ‘Florida-07’ and ‘Georgia-06G’, and better seed grade than ‘Georgia-06G’.  TUFRunner™ ‘297’ matures in approximately 140 days; 10 days earlier than ‘York’.  Pod yield for TUFRunner™ ‘297’ is superior to both ‘Georgia-06G’ and ‘Florida-07’.  TUFRunner™ ‘297’ is susceptible to leaf spot, and growers are advised to use a complete leaf spot control program with both systemic and protectant activity.

To view the UF/IFAS Peanut Variety Fact Sheet for TUFRunner™ ‘297’, please click here.

License Availability: FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the production and commercialization of the TUFRunner™ ‘297’ peanut cultivar:
Birdsong Peanuts

Delta Peanut, LLC

Golden Peanut Company, LLC

Premium Peanut, LLC

Rogers Brothers Peanuts, Inc.

Severn Peanut Company, Inc.

Tifton Peanut Company

Tifton Peanut Company, Inc
225 Windy Hill Rd, Tifton, GA

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