The Funtastic™ Series

Gerbera Cultivars

‘UFGE 4141′ (U.S. Patent PP23,346), ‘UFGE 7014’ (U.S. Patent PP23,373), ‘UFGE 7015′ (U.S. Patent PP23,488), ‘UFGE 7023′, ‘UFGE 7032’ (U.S. Patent PP23,448), and ‘UFGE 7034’ (U.S. Patent PP23,433)

  • Blooming Season: Spring to Late Summer
  • Plant Habit: Upright
  • Height 18-20 inches
  • Width: 12-14 inches
  • Exposure: Sun
  • Description:
    Having been selected and tested specifically for growing in large patio containers, cultivars in the Funtastic™ series produce beautiful plants with bright-colored, eye-catching flowers year-round.  Plants have shown excellent heat tolerance and much improved resistance to powdery mildew, the most common and destructive disease of gerbera.  A number of these cultivars have been selected as the Best of Best or Top Performers in industry and university trials!


    License Availability: FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of the Funtastic™ series:

    Sunshine State Carnations, Inc.

    Ball Horticultural Company
    Agri-Starts, Inc.