U.S. Patent PP20,174
Peach Variety – Jointly Released by FAES, USDA/ARS, & UGA

  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Chill Requirement: 400 hours
  • Growth Habit: Semi-spreading
  • First Harvest: Around May 18 near Attapulgus, GA
  • Description:  ‘Gulfcrimson’ is the third in a series of cultivars released and patented by the joint UF, UGA, and USDA-ARS stone fruit breeding program, specifically in 2009.  ‘Gulfcrimson’ fruit are large for an early-ripening cultivar and have a yellow ground color with 80–90% red skin.  ‘Gulfcrimson’ ripens with the standard peach cultivar ‘June Gold’ in Attapulgus, Georgia, with an FDP of 95 days and highly consistent cropping, making it a good mid-season replacement for ‘June Gold’.  It also crops reliably in north Florida.


    License Availability:  FFSP has non-exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of the ‘Gulfcrimson’ peach cultivar:

    Cumberland Valley Nurseries, Inc.

    Freedom Tree Farms, LLC

    Vaughn Nursery