FloRun ‘331’

U.S. PVP No. 201700120
Runner-type Peanut Variety

  • Seed Size:  Medium (650-700 seed per/lb.)
  • Yield:  Excellent (1st among all entries in SE UPPT, 2015); higher yield than ‘Georgia-06G’ and TUFRunner™ ‘511’
  • Grade:  Very Good (~74% TSMK)
  • Disease Resistance:  Leaf spot and white mold resistance superior to ‘Georgia-06G’
  • Maturity:  Medium (~140 days in Florida)
  • Market Type: Runner

Description: FloRun™ ‘331’ is a medium-maturity, medium-seeded peanut variety with superior yields, good grades, and competitive disease resistance.  FloRun™ ‘331’ has high oleic oil chemistry.

To view the  Peanut Variety Fact Sheet for FloRun™ ‘331’, please click here.

License Availability: FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entities for seed multiplication and sale of the FloRun™ ‘331’ cultivar in the United States:

Birdsong Farms
21383 Highway 52 East, Hartford, AL 36344
(256) 796-2360

Birdsong Peanuts

Delta Peanut, LLC

Golden Peanut Company, LLC

Ham Peanut Company
4674 Basswood Rd, Greenwood, FL 32443

Lee Barwick Farms
16638 Eason Crossing Rd, Boston, GA 31626

Premium Peanut LLC

Rogers Brothers Peanuts, Inc

Severn Peanut Company, Inc.

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