c4-15-19U.S. Patent PP26,086
Mandarin Cultivar

  • Fruit Size:
  • Target Market:
  • Brix Rating:
  • First Harvest: Around October

Description:  ‘C4-15-19’ produces a ‘Clementine’ sized, seedless, peelable, tangerine-type fruit with a very sweet and pleasant flavor.  Fruit matures sometime between October and November, depending on environmental factors.  Fruit colors well under Florida conditions (without cold-induction), both internally and externally.  Fruit may need to be clipped to avoid plugging, especially with fruit harvested during the latter part of the harvest season.  The rind contains large oil glands, and pleasantly fragrant oil can be released during peeling, especially with recently harvested fruit.  This characteristic may diminish as trees grow through juvenility.  Fruit of ‘C4-15-19’ have high sugar content and sweet flavor.  There are no data supporting long-term field performance or yield of ‘C4-15-19’, nor its adaptation to different rootstocks, although it has shown potential to yield quite well.  No obvious disease problems have been observed in the trees or fruit currently grown, but systematic resistance testing has not yet been explored.

License Availability:  FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the ‘C4-15-19’ mandarin cultivar:

New Varieties Development & Management Corp.  http://www.nvdmc.org/