U.S. PVP No. 200800158
Runner-type Peanut Variety

  • Seed Size: Large
  • Yield: Approximately 3728 lbs./A in Gainesville,
  • Market Type: Runner
  • Maturity: 135 Days in Florida

Description: ‘AP-4’ is a medium maturity, large seeded peanut variety with good resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus (TSWV).  The variety has a competitive pod yield and excellent seed grade.  ‘AP-4’ has demonstrated very good pod yield potential.  ‘AP-4’ has moderate resistance to white mold.  Plants of ‘AP-4’ have a prostrate growth habit with a semi-prominent main stem typical of runner cultivars.  In Florida under irrigation, ‘AP-4’ requires approximately 135 days after planting to mature and is considered to have medium relative maturity.  The seed weight of ‘AP-4’ is larger than the historical runner market-type.  In five years of trials compared to Georgia Green, ‘AP-4’ had fewer medium and more jumbo kernels.


License Availability: Licenses available.