Bloomify™ Red ‘UF-1013A-2A’

U.S. Patent PP29,292
Lantana Cultivar

Description: Bloomify™ Red ‘UF‐1013‐2A’ was specifically developed for non-invasiveness and excellent container and landscape performance. It is characterized by its moderate vigor, mounding growth habit, dense branching, round plant form and canopy, free flowering, bright yellow and red flowers, little fruiting, few seeds, high level of female infertility, low level of pollen stainability, high level of male infertility, and lack of hybridization potential with other cultivars and other Lantana species. In trials, it has outperformed many commercial Lantana cultivars.


License Availability:  FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entity for the propagation of the Bloomify™ Red ‘UF-1013A-2A’ cultivar:

Ball Horticultural Company