Arcadia™ ‘FL07-399’

U.S. Patent PP26,313
Southern Highbush Blueberry Variety

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  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Chill Requirement: Less than 200 Hours
  • Growth Habit: Spreading
  • 50% Harvest: Around April 25 (Gainesville, FL)

Description: Arcadia™ ‘FL07-399’ is a new mid-season variety best adapted to production regions similar to central and south-central Florida. Plants produce high berry yields when grown in an evergreen management system, and the peak of production (in central and south-central Florida) aligns well with the high-value market window. Plants survive well in the field and have a high tolerance to leaf diseases. Lower yields in northern production regions, combined with a spreading growth habit and less-than-optimal fruit firmness, will make machine harvesting this variety very difficult.

  • Average Berry Weight (g): 2.7
  • Fruit Firmness (g/mm): 176
  • Soluble Solids (%): 12.6
  • Titratable acidity (%): 0.49
  • SS/TA Ratio (%): 27.1

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License Availability: For a list of current licensees in the USA, please click here.

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