‘Rosa Linda’

U.S. Patent PP9,866
Strawberry Plant

  • Fruit Size: Medium
  • Yield: Approximately 2,168 g/plant from December to March in Dover, FL
  • Growth Habit: Upright
  • Harvest Period:  begins early December with moderate early yields
  • Description: ‘Rosa Linda’ produces high early season yields of attractive, flavorful fruit, and has moderate resistance to Botrytis fruit rot.  Firmness of ‘Rosa Linda’ fruit is only moderate, and this cultivar has a tendency to produce many small berries late in the season.  The clone was named ‘Rosa Linda’ (pretty rose in Spanish) because of the pleasant rose aroma sometimes detected when the fruit is eaten.


    License Availability: FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of the ‘Rosa Linda’ Strawberry cultivar:

    United States & Canada
    Florida Strawberry Patent Service

    Florida Strawberry Growers Association

    Ekland Marketing Company of California, Inc.

    Florida Strawberry Patent Service