U.S. Patent PP13,061
Strawberry Plant

  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Yield: Approximately 645 g/plant from December to March in Dover, FL
  • Growth Habit: Compact
  • Harvest Period:  begins late November with high early yields
  • Description: A strawberry plant with compact plant habit and high November through February production of large, bright red fruit when grown in Dover, FL and other areas that have a similar, subtropical climate.  ‘Earlibrite’ produces high early-season (December through February) yields of large, flavorful fruit; but it does have a tendency to produce some misshapen fruit.  The clone was named ‘Earlibrite’ because of its high early-season production of bright red fruit, and to honor Earl Albregts, a soil scientist who spent his entire professional career (1967-1996) at GCREC-Dover.


    License Availability: FFSP has exclusively licensed the following entities for the propagation of the ‘Earlibrite’ Strawberry cultivar:

    United States & Canada
    Florida Strawberry Patent Service

    Florida Strawberry Growers Association

    Ekland Marketing Company of California, Inc.

    Florida Strawberry Patent Service