U.S. Patent PP18,261
Strawberry Plant

• Fruit Size: Medium
• Yield: Approximately 498 g/plant from December to February in Dover, FL
• Growth Habit: Compact
• Harvest Period: begins early December with moderate to high early yields

Description: ‘Carmine’ can produce high mid-season yields in central Florida. Its fruit contain generous levels of antioxidants. High density plantings of Carmine (up to 33,000 plants per acre) have been successful because of the compact nature of the plant, and the fact that ‘Carmine’ has good resistance to botrytis and anthracnose fruit rots. A compact plant habit and relatively long and stiff pedicels result in many flowers and fruit that are exposed, making the fruit easy to harvest but also vulnerable to rain and freeze damage. This clone was named ‘Carmine’ because of the deep red color of its fruit.


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